SHOT Show 2013 – News Videos and Photos

December 14, 2012 in Blog, Firearm News, Gear News, News

We are booked and registered for the SHOT Show! I’m excited to go, as this will be Invictus Tactical Review’s first year covering the SHOT Show. Fret not, it’s not my first year there. We’ve had some experience doing photos and videos, and trying to get everything to you in a timely manner. It’s just our first year with this particular outlet.

We’ll be posting all the complete news articles and accompanying photos here on the website. However, for those of you that just can’t wait, you can check us out on Twitter @InvictusReview and Facebook.

I’ll post photos and blurbs to Facebook, as well as the occasional video, and I’ll upload interesting bits to Twitter, along with relevant pics. ┬áIf there’s anything specific you want to see photos of, or an item you are curious about, or a company you want updates on, let me know here or via social media. I’ll be grabbing a lot of info down there, but there’s always the chance I’ve not heard of something that you’re interested in.

32 Days to SHOT Show!

-By Adam Bower