Troy Industries is a big name player in the firearm accessories market, but recently they’ve produced more than just accessories. While they founded their company producing the highest quality rail systems, sights, and other components, Troy Ind. developed a following for rifle quality with their M7A1 and complete upper receiver groups. Late last year they were selling complete Troy AR15 rifles to customers, but this year they’re looking to do even more. The company headlined their new division at the 2013 SHOT Show: Troy Defense.

Troy Defense is a military contract provider, and is geared specifically towards complete firearms and tactical accessories. Troy Defense rifles are built with the Soldier, Law Enforcement Officer, Professional Shooter, or demanding Consumer in mind. Each rifle is specifically configured for reliability and tuned for use no matter what size or application. Troy Defense’s rifle selection shows that they have a solid understanding of the different uses for their product.

There are a couple of rifles listed on the Troy Defense website currently, including the Troy Individual Carbine, which is an improved AR design submitted to the Army as a replacement for the M4. While the site does not list any specs for the Troy Individual Carbine, the photos show a complete free float quad rail system by Troy, which features a detachable lower section for compatibility with hard mounted grenade launchers. The SOPMOD style kit layout photo shows a number of configurable options for the rail and handguard. Other interesting points include an apparent drop-in replacement trigger, and a proprietary bolt. The bolt looks like a one piece bolt carrier with features to prevent carrier tilt. These items are unconfirmed, as they’re simply observed from Troy Defense’s photo montage.

The Troy 5.56mm Carbine is an AR15 rifle that was first offered for sale last year. This was the first Troy Defense rifle available to the public, and it was met with overall positive response. While there are a lot of quality AR15s on the market, the Troy 5.56mm carbine provides a number of high quality components, such as the free float Troy Alpha rail, rear Battle Sight, and other elements. Even so, Troy Defense managed to put this rifle out for an extremely affordable price. While other rifles like this go for $1300 to well over $2,000, the Troy Defense 5.56mm Carbine retailed for under $1,000. Some people even managed to pick up the rifle for less than $800 during Black Friday sales events.

Unfortunately, a slew of factors combined to affect sales of the new carbine. Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled their support of all ‘Evil Black Rifles’, and torpedoed the distribution of the Troy 5.56mm Carbine. This violation of their contract forced Troy back to the drawing board to forge a new distribution channel for their rifles. As of this week, Troy Industries and Troy Defense had a new retail source for their rifles, but it has not yet been announced publicly.

As part of the new line, Troy planned on announcing a number of new Troy Defense rifles. These rifles were on display at SHOT Show, and provided a fantastic arsenal, ranging from PDW models, including the 14.5 inch Trunk Monkey, to the extended Tigerswan Carbine. Unfortunately, with the looming threat of an ‘assault weapon ban’, Troy has not yet moved forward on the commercial production of these rifles. I spoke with a Troy representative at SHOT, and they said that, while they would love to be in current production, Troy would probably not make moves until the AWB hysteria dies down.

At the moment, the new Troy Defense rifles will remain an impressive lineup to look at. The pictures do show a well designed product for the modern shooter. Each rifle includes the BattleAx Control Grip, which features textured scale pattern and a more vertical grip for modern shooting stances. An ingenious ambidextrous magazine release is low profile, and the flared trigger guard is also present on each model. If we see the day these rifles do become available, they’ll present a versatile set of options for any application.


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      I inquired at the Troy booth this year, and these rifles will be available shortly (they are shipping to dealers). The Trunk Monkey will be available in bronze and black.

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