SIG_Sauer_P227_Nitron_45_ACPSIG Sauer has long produced the P220, a single-stack .45 ACP pistol. With so many companies producing high capacity 45s, SIG moved to fill that market with the new SIG P227. The P227 is chambered in .45, but features a 10 round double stack magazine. Even with the double stack magazine, the feel is much the same as the P226.  For those in duty roles who need more ammo, a 14 round extended magazine is also available.

SIG has 3 models available in the P227. The Nitron model pictured above sports a 4.4 inch barrel. The Carry and Carry SAS both feature a 3.9 inch barrel. The P227 Carry still sports the railed frame, while the SAS does not. The SAS further differentiates itself with the SIG anti-snag treatment to round the edges, as well as the short reset trigger.

For those who love the SIG build and design, but are looking for something with more power and capacity, the SIG P227 may be just the ticket.


  1. Madison McDonald says:

    Although the p 227 looks really cool and I have owned both a p226 & p220, my considered opinion is that the Glock 30s can’t be beat. It doesn’t have any hand operated safties, unless the trigger is included, and it’s every bit as reliable and accurate. The .45 ACP has long been considered the best compromise between controllability and stopping power. Some individuals still insist that the 9mm or .40 S&W will do just as well. Tell that to the contractors and protection personnel the world over. Some few years ago my co-worker and myself were confronted with a roomful of Jihadists with AK’s. We were in Falujah at the time. Of the two idiots who picked up their weapons and tried to use them, I dropped my target with 2 well placed shots to the upper torso. I had my trusty 30s in a Blackhawk inside-the-pants holster right next to my “hydraulics.” I was able to quickly get that little Glock into action whereas my poor co-worker took a full 4 or 5 seconds. She also had to fire 8 rounds from her Beretta 92s before that stinking Jihadist stopped moving. And make no mistake, they do stink! Kudos to Gaston!

    • 11bulletstopper says:

      I just wanted a bit of clarification from Madison McDonald, you stated you were running and gunning the mean streets of Fallujah with a glock 30s a few years ago. Were you part of the elite glock beta tester unit? The 30s wasn’t released until 2013.

  2. Will says:

    I have many Glocks, including the G36, G30, and G30S. While I actually think the G36 single stack is head to head with my Sig P220 as far as capacity and comfort in shooting, and the G30 and G30S may be equal capacity as my Sig P227 SAS, the comfort level is very different! The G30 design is squared and blocky, and my second finger rubs the knuckle under the trigger guard causing discomfort and grip readjustment constantly. The P227 grip has a better contour for MY medium hands, with the trigger guard undercut really making it comfortable to grip under recoil. I personally feel that the gun is formed to my hand and comfortably points where I have to “wrestle” the G30 into submission. The double / single trigger on the P227 SAS is smother and lighter than standard P227’s I tried, and the SRT is very short and crisp. While more “pounds” are needed for the initial pull, it is smooth and steady, and training for transition is not as hard as some would lead you to believe. With the weight of the P227 being more than the G30, I feel the recoil is softer despite the higher bore axis argument. ( it also helps that I don’t get that knuckle bite, and the mismatched finger groove feeling of the G30). My P227 also had night sights from the factory that the G30 does not, and the sights were dead on accurate out of the box which was an improvement over the sight replacement and subsequent adjustment period my G30S went thru. While the SAS does not have the accessory dust cover rail like the G30, the standard P227 does. The cost of the P227 is one major roadblock which makes the Glocks attractive to many, especially if you don’t object to a frame reduction / finger grove removal and custom stippling job to modify your pistol, but for those who keep their pistols pretty much stock ( or put only reversible mods on them) the P227 SAS is a solid, reliable, accurate, ergonomic, high cap .45 full metal alternative for your consideration

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