I found DKX Armor in a less trafficked section of the SHOT Show floor, but their product seems to be making waves. Honestly, when I walked up to the booth, it was literally making waves. DKX Max III armor inserts weigh less than 3 lb apiece, and actually exhibit positive buoyancy. This makes them the lightest NIJ III plate armor that I know of, and could lend themselves to keeping you and your gear up in an aquatic situation, instead of necessitating a costly ditch.

DKX Armor uses Dyneema material to produce these new inserts. While DKX may not be the first company to experiment with Dyneema, their patent pending manufacturing process promises to deliver these plates in a cost effective manner. One of the major advantages of this material is the elimination of the risk of fracturing the armor. Because the material is not susceptible to cracking under impact, it’s ideal for long term use, and eliminates the need for x-ray inspection. Whether you’re putting your gear through hard use daily, or simply keeping your armor in the trunk for that active shooter scenario, you won’t have to worry about compromising your protection.

The following shots show a number of test impacts on the DKX Max III. 


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